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Writing a Short Report

November 18, 2013


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Short Report Writing

Writing a short report needs a clear focus. Many students think that writing a short report is easier than creating a longer one. A short report can be more difficult to create than one of greater length. Every word must be meaningful and you should capture the attention of your readers by conveying all the important concepts accurately. Keep a great balance and wrap everything up within a limited word count. Here are a few important characteristics of writing a short report.

Concise Writing

Using concise language is the most important part of the report writing process. Write in a direct way in which you use active uncluttered language rather than passive wordy sentences. It is advisable to avoid any unnecessary and speculative phrases in order to make the document more effective.

Stay Focused

Narrow down the topic when you are writing a short paper so that you can easily cover all the necessary material about the subject within the space you are allotted. You will probably need to break the topic down by focusing on one aspect of the topic.

Engaging Opening

The starting of the paper must hook the audience immediately. You should create an opening that will engage the readers so they read the report and doesn’t skim it or loss it aside. Write a first sentence and then craft a startling fact to make your readers want to know about the topic. You can create an engaging opening with a meaningful quote or a witty observation.

Keep a Balance

The body of the short report should be balanced. Don’t try to dwell too long on the section and shortchange another. Keep the word length consistent from paragraph to paragraph. While revising, you might feel to break a longer part, however for smaller sections; you can use additional factual details but keep in mind not to add filler to achieve balance.



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